This following is a list of personal projects I’ve built, the most recent first. For work related stuff, see my resume. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or drop me a line at

  • KalSMS is a very simple SMS Gateway contained entirely in an Android phone. I started building when taking part in NYU’s ITP summer camp program. It has found some use around the world in applications in India, Liberia, Tanzania, Finland and others. Currently development is continuing under the EnvayaSMS project.
  • Weblets, web based tool for writing & running short Python apps. It provides a simple editor for writing the code and documentation, and uses Google App Engine to host the scripts. The target audience are experienced developers who need a quick way to put a short piece of code online with its own URL, and beginners who would like a tool to learn Python.
  • HelloWorld (with Aviva Michaelov) matches users to one-to-one chats. Determining the user’s location via their IP, it attempts to connect users from different nations together, and can be programmed to match between specific nations (eg, nations currently in conflict etc). It got accepted into Standford’s Peace Dot directory.
  • TheRealURL, URL un-shortening web service, provides a JSON API for determining the true URL behind shortened URLs. It’s meant for developers to use in their apps – it is now used in Firefox and Chrome browser extensions, a WordPress plugin and web apps like Forrst, serving over 100,000 URLs a day. (Notes)
  • CrowdsMachine (undergoing maintenance) tries to help users find the stories that would interest them most by applying a pagerank like filtering to sources they follow (feeds of blogs, twitter streams, news sites etc) [CLOSED]
  • Rmmbr is a simple SMS service for texting yourself reminders & notes. Users send a text to 41411 starting with “rmmbr” and the message is sent to their inbox, to be handled later. [CLOSED]
  • Prixfeed provides RSS feeds of Amazon product price – this allows users to subscribe with their feed reader to an Amazon product and get notified when the price changes. It uses a microformat to make the result machine-readable as well. (Notes)
  • Notifyr is a simple service for subscribing to a Flickr page via email. It is designed to be extremely easy to use by non-technical users, and allow slightly more technical ones to easily create subscription links they can publish on their site or send to their friends. (Notes)

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