41411 Rmmbr: Text Your Inbox

rmmbr is a service I built for myself and recently opened for general use. I wanted a way to send myself notes about things I need to do, items I want to research etc. If just write this on a scrap of paper I usually seem to forget about it, so using Textmarks‘ web-SMS gateway (which is pretty nice btw – reliable and easy to interface with) I wrote a little web app that lets me text these notes to my inbox.

The examples on rmmbr’s home page are pretty much how I use it – I come across some term I want to research or am reminded of something I need to do and send an text message like rmmbr <whatever> to 41411. When I get back home an email is waiting in my Gmail inbox with the text sent, a Google search link for it, and if it’s an address or a date Gmail might also attach its “map this” or “add to calendar” links as well.

To start using it, you need to let rmmbr connect your phone # with your email address by texting rmmbr signup <your@email> to 41411. You’ll get a confirmation email and can start sending yourself messages. Just remember to always start the message with “rmmbr” – it still gets me sometimes..

I don’t know how useful it would be for anyone with an iPhone or a Blackberry, but if you’re like me and prefer to keep your cellphones small, cheap and low maintenance, you might find this a useful solution for your text-to-inbox needs. Enjoy :)

[Update: formerly rmbr, the app/sms code is now rmmbr, to prevent confusion with rmbr.com – which is a different product, not related to rmmbr in any way]