UnShorten WordPress Plugin Uses TheRealURL

I recently found that Jon Rogers, a developer from the UK, released the UnShorten WordPress plugin, which uses TheRealURL to unshorten links displayed by the Twitter Tools plugin.

That’s pretty cool, TheRealURL was designed as a web service with exactly this type of use in mind.

Between this and other users TheRealURL now serves over 40,000 requests a day. It’s nice to see Google App Engine handling that with barely using any of the various daily quotas (except for incoming bandwidth… Need to check on that one):

TheRealURL GAE Quota Usage

2 thoughts on “UnShorten WordPress Plugin Uses TheRealURL

    • Yup… Fortunately it’s not exactly linear – most of the incoming bandwidth here is data returned by urlopen() requests, which is then cached, so many requests later in the day are served from memcache. Usually it ends up about %75 or so.

      (Of course in the longer term that might not be enough, and I might have to start paying for the extra quota. It’s just $0.10 per GB/day though :))


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