List of URL Shortening Sites

I’ve been compiling this list of URL shortening services for some time now, for use in one of my projects, and thought it might help developers who need it for their own work (or VCs who seek to place a couple $mil on one)

Anyway, here are the 74 82 (thanks commentors!) sites I got so far. If you use Ruby, just stick %w{ } around it and you’ve got an array. If you own one of these sites, put “Twitter-compatible” on your homepage, who knows ;):

UPDATE: I moved the list to, per Karan’s suggestion, which allows easily exporting the date to SQL, JSON or text. Future updates will all be there:

UPDATE #2: As a result of this post I ended up building a URL unshortening service, which I now think might actually have some uses. More here.

21 thoughts on “List of URL Shortening Sites

  1. I have a 4 letter domain, but am not a programmer. Does anyone have some simple code that will allow me to provide a short URL feature to others for free?

  2. (as mentioned on HN):

    Why don’t you make a list on It’ll automatically organize the list into more useful data formats.

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