Widgetize Feeds with FeedVolley

I got this as a feature request from Nirmal Patel, and it turned out FV already supports it: You can use FeedVolley’s customizable templates to turn any RSS/Atom feed into a widget – or badge, or plugin, or whatever it’s called in various web apps – which you then embed in your pages.

So, for example, in http://feedvolley.com/badgeit you have a JavaScript document.write() that outputs the latest NY Times headlines, which you then can include in another page with <script src="http://feedvolley.com/badgeit"></script>

That’s a pretty bare-bones example, but obviously you can customize the HTML/JS to present the feed any way you like. Hope some folks would find this useful, and thanks Nirmal for the feature suggestion – it’s always great to see how users figure out uses for an app which you didn’t think of when making it.

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