Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu’s Brainstorm app is very cool. Basically it lets users post suggestions, bugs and requests for Ubuntu, and rate/comment other users’ posts. It enables users to get involved in the process and lets developers know what users are missing most and get ideas for future additions. It’s a new interface for discussion, something new on top of forums, bug tracking apps etc.

(Dell’s Ideastorm, predates Brainstorm, but the concept will probably work better with Open Source projects where users are more accustomed to this kind of feedback process. Ideastorm’s own top items are almost all Open-Source related. Having less of a life also makes some difference I suppose ;))

You can get the source at Ubuntu’s repository but unfortunately there isn’t a downloadable standalone package for this yet. It would be great to have an simple install of this, I think almost any product and company could benefit from something like this.

This is why open source software is growing so fast: it’s a positive feedback loop, its products feed its own growth. Good to see Ubuntu growing so nicely, with Vista & Leopard we definitely need an alternative.

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