URI Templates

URI Templates are really pretty interesting – the idea is to have a spec for defining how URIs for accessing a Web resource should be made up. This quote from the spec (which is a nice and short one, as specs should) explains it:

Given the following URI Template:


And the following variable value

userid := fred

The expansion of the URI Template is:


Get it? This is pretty sweet – a human/machine readable standard for URI access to Web apps etc. The spec defines a few more syntax rules and there’s a parser/”explainer” in Joe Gregorio‘s (URI Template’s inventor) site, but in all it’s pretty simple.

Like many simple things, it could go far, being so easy to use. Maybe become a standard grammar for Web requests, similar to XML’s standard grammar for responses. It could be used in Web service libraries, docs and maybe even a “mod_rewrite for people who have lives outside mod_rewrite” someday. Could turn into DTD, though, so I guess time and adoption will tell.


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