Sandro’s Open Source Marketing Consultancy

My friend Sandro Groganz announced recently he’s starting a marketing consultancy business focused on Open Source software.

I think it’s a fantastic idea and confident Sandro will do well. Marketing for Open Source requires strong understanding of developers’ mindsets and needs, and Sandro is one of the very few people who combine a strong OSS development background with an understanding of marketing & business.

How do you know your marketing consultant understands Open Source? When he actually shares his knowledge and advice regarding OSS marketing on his blog and wiki, I’d say it’s a pretty good sign :)

I think Sandro is tapping into a huge force here. In my opinion, after the Web x.0 hype settles Open Source is what we’re finally left with as the most important change in our times, which will go way beyond software. User Generated Content is just a preview of things to come when this method of building software gets applied to a host of other uses. Good luck mate!

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