The RSS Tap

It just occured to me that many things I been thinking about feeds can be summarized as “RSS Tap“, and so I’m rushing to coin this phrase (hey, it worked nicely for the guy who came up with “AJAX” ;))

“RSS Tap” (or, well, “RSS/Atom Tap”) is like RSS push, but more gentle. For example, you’re subscribing to some article’s comment feed: you want to read future comments, but you don’t really need each comment delivered immediatley to your aggregator as it’s published. Probably you don’t even want to make a new feed subscription in your aggregator just for these comments. You just want to be notified when there’s some new comments to read there – but not every hour, and without having to register anywhere, and without getting any future spam.

So RSS tap is like a kinder, gentler RSS push. But it is a tap – it does actively get to you, rather than you having to pull the info yourself (what we used to call, in less sophisticated times, “visit the web page again”).

As phrase coiner of “RSS Tap” – verified by a Google search! – I hereby declare Notifyr an RSS tap application: you don’t need to register. You don’t need to use a feed aggregator at all. You get messages only if there’s new content, and not more than once a day. You turn it off by one click on the link at the bottom of the email, and switch it on again at another place with one click of the bookmarklet (by now I achieved about 3:1 blog-to-code lines ratio on that little app)

(BTW, being non-native English speaker I might be missing something here: when I say tap I’m thinking of someone tapping your shoulder to get your attention in a crowded place. Maybe also an old water tap that releases a few drops every now and then. Is there a more fitting word I should use?)

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