Finding the Interesting Posts

I’m subscribed to lots of RSS feeds. And the messages keep pouring in. There’s no way I could read all of them. And of course some of them are about the cute thing the writer’s dog did yesterday, when I’m really more into their PHP hacks.

But if some post is really good, it usually gets linked to. And since the feeds I read are more or less within a few areas of interest, good chance that there will be links within the feeds that I read to that good post.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to have some way to rank posts’ values by the number of links they got within the feeds I’m reading? I wonder if something like this exists already…

UPDATE: Well, apparently it actually does exist :) – that’s what TailRank is all about. I just uploaded my OPML – we’ll see how it works out…

One thought on “Finding the Interesting Posts

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