RssFwd is really nice. The idea basically is that you subscribe to an RSS feed and get new items to your email. If you read many feeds, you create a filter in your mail program for and then messages don’t fill up your inbox. Also you can search them, sort, flag, forward, delete etc with you mail client, not having to learn a new UI for some RSS client.

That’s the way 90% of the people would use RSS, IM(very)HO. In fact I like this idea so much that I actually had it even before I ever heard of RssFwd, using a couple of PHP scripts I built myself and hosted on the web specifically for this purpose. When I discovered RssFwd I switched to it instead, since it works just as well, doesn’t cost me hosting, and allows me to return to my normal do-nothing Zenlike bliss. (I might post my homegrown PHP RSS-to-email scripts here someday when I get over the intimidation of exposing that dubious code. Currently I’m still working on the intimidation of exposing my dubious blog entries)

I wonder how come it’s not more commonly used. Do RSS (or Atom, or whatever) folks really expect their grandmas to use a dedicated RSS client? Or even register + learn the interface for some web based aggregator service? Haven’t we all suffered enough getting our grandmas to use email? More on grandmas, RSS, registrations & email later.


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